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Executive Coaching


If you are trying to decide whether executive coaching could be useful for your career, then you might find it useful to consider:


  • Where am I now in my career?

  • What feedback have I received:  appraisals, 360-degree feedback, psychometric tests (eg Myers Briggs)?

  • What organisational objectives do I have to meet?

  • What goals would I like to achieve?

  • How might I best succeed in achieving these organisational and personal objectives?

  • What are the developmental challenges I face in reaching these - eg emotional intelligence, political intelligence, resilience, etc?

  • What other factors may influence my ability to achieve them?


When we meet, we can collaborate to develop a personalised action plan and any support package you feel you need to help you meet your objectives.  

Executive coaching Bedford, Business coaching Bedford
Catherine Mulcaster is an experienced  counsellor and coach in Sharnbrook (near Bedford)  and Northampton (NN1)
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