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Personal Coaching


If you are considering whether personal coaching might be helpful for you, some questions that you might find helpful to think about include:


  • Where, who and what am I now - at home, work and play?

  • How do I know this?

  • How well do I know myself - what motivates me, what resources and strengths do I have?

  • Where, who and what do I want to be?

  • How might I achieve this?

  • What might by in the way?

  • What do I need to maintain it?


When we meet, we could explore these questions and others to help you create your own plan of action so that you can work towards achieving your goals.  You can also decide then, whether you would like to meet for any further coaching sessions to support you, but some people find that a single session is enough to start them off.  

Fees:  click here for more information.

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